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After School Clubs

A great finish to the school day

Your child can enjoy time with friends, whilst developing new skills under the expert guidance of an LTA Accredited professional coach. We cater for pupils in school years 1-6 and sessions are suitable for beginners as well as more experienced players. Our aim is to instil an enthusiasm for the game whilst helping children to develop a wide variety of key skills.

Developing skills Years 1-3

A typical session

Sessions are designed to be great fun as well as providing an opportunity for pupils to develop their skills. These structured sessions typically include a variety of tennis practices, drills and games aimed to promote the development of sporting and playing abilities.

Skills and Social Development

Pupils will benefit from developing a wide range of key sporting skills; hand-eye coordination, footwork patterns, speed and agility, technical stroke play. Your child will also learn to develop their social skills as they will be required to interact appropriately with others, work cooperatively as part of teams, resolve and negotiate conflict over line calls, and scoring disputes amicably.


"I love coming to tennis club. My tennis has got loads better and the team games are so much fun!" Year 6 - Goring Primary pupil

"I really enjoyed the matches we played at the end of term" Year 2 - Hampstead Norries Pupil

"It is the best part of my week. It is such good fun!" Year 4 - Hampstead Norreys Pupil


Day Goring Tennis Club
Monday 3:45pm to 4:30pm
(Yrs 1-3)
Tuesday 3:45pm to 4:45pm
(Yrs 4-7)

Developing Skills Years 4-7